Memorable Moments – Fall 2013

We had a tough semester last time around and one of our biggest challenges was a kid named Colton. He didn’t want to be there and blamed his dad for . . . more

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Partnering with Young Musicians Foundation at Para Los Niños

This semester, we collaborated with the Young Musicians Foundation at Para Los Niños. Students from their Music Mentors program composed and performed live, original music inspired by our student’s . . . more

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Memorable Moments- Fall 2013

My most memorable moment last Fall was how wonderful it felt at week 5 when I came through the doors and all the students who were there early greeted me . . . more

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Memorable Moments – Disney Elementary – Fall 2013

Most Memorable Moment – The Big Show. Yes, the student’s reactions to seeing their scripts performed was great. But for me, watching the principal experience her first Big Show, was . . . more

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Memorable Moments: From Mentee to Mentor by Stephanie Rodriguez

I was ten years old when my 5th grade teacher chose me as one of the students to participate in the Young Storytellers’ Script to Stage Program. Young and

. . . more

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Memorable Moments- Fall 2013

My most memorable moment was working with one of the writers who was a high-functioning autistic child and was struggling with his mentor to focus on any one idea, making . . . more

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Memorable Moments- Fall 2013

Most memorable moment as a Head Mentor: Hmmm…there are a few that stand out. But one in particular stands out the most. It’s about a girl named Giselle who joined . . . more

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Memorable Moments from Westminster Elementary – Fall 2013

Some of my favorite moments were:

The spontaneous out-loud response of the audience to one of our character’s rhetorical questions during a soliloquy in The Big Show:

Character: “Am I . . . more

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The Box Scene Project raises $30K for YSF!

In conjunction with The Glee Big Show, The Box Scene Project completed a fundraising campaign called The Biggest Giveaway to support our efforts to empower public school students to learn . . . more

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Memorable Moments – Lucy from Richland Elementary

So I was in the principal’s office today at Richland and as I was heading out, I saw something pretty amazing. Right below our group picture from our first semester . . . more

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