Student suggested names for Young Storytellers: “The Capable Students.” “Make A Movie Before You’re 50.” “Rainbow Skittle Cat.”  

Yeah, we’re not sure what the last one is all about.

Who doesn’t want to support creativity like that? Even a small donation has a huge impact. Here are a few examples of what we can do with your dollars:

  • $5000 sponsors a Script to Stage school for a full year. All the people, all the training, all the things.
  • $2500 covers all costs associated with a semester’s worth of screening and processing for new volunteers across all our programs.
  • $1000 provides a stipend to a P.O.V. student mentor for five Movie Makers summer camps.
  • $500 provides all supplies for ten Script to Stage programs for a semester, from notebooks to the red carpet. Yep, we roll out a red carpet.
  • $250 provides our Movie Makers program three lens kits and the apps to operate them.
  • $100 provides VIP badges to every Script to Stage student at their Big Show for a full year.
  • $50 provides seven iPad tripods to our Movie Makers. We want our kids to know not every movie must have “shakycam.”
  • $25 covers the cost of training a new Script to Stage mentor. Welcome to the family, we love you already.



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