It only takes one hour a week, during your lunch break, to mentor a Young Storyteller. We’ll place you at a nearby school and teach you everything you need to know.

Why mentor?

Because arts education, indeed all education, is a right, not a privilege.

Because all students deserve equal access to the arts.

Because arts education is proven to deter delinquency, increase academic performance, and give students a greater chance of going to and graduating from college.

Because creative writing increases literacy.

Because without someone there to guide these students one-on-one, most of them would not finish.

Because they need you.

What’s the time commitment? One hour a week during your lunch hour, for nine weeks. In the 8th Week, there will be a Big Show. You’ll need to take 2-3 hours for this day.

What will I be doing? You’ll be going to a local public elementary school, one day a week, for nine weeks. You’ll be working with group of ten other mentors, all led by a trained Head Mentor. By the second session, you’ll be paired with a 5th grade student, who you’ll help guide through the process of writing a script. Mostly, this entails being an awesome secretary. They have the ideas — you just help them come out.

In the 8th week, these scripts will be performed by professional actors in front of an auditorium full of fifth graders, teachers, parents and friends. This, we promise, will be awesome. But not as awesome as the smile on your mentee’s face as they watch their words come to life.

What if I’ve never written a screenplay? Or anything for that matter? Our Volunteer Mentors come from all walks of life. You do not have to be a writer to be a Young Storytellers mentor. All we ask is that you attend one training session with us, undergo a standard background check, and want to help children. The rest will happen. Trust us. It always does.

I’m sold. How do I sign up?  You can fill out an application and agree to a background screening. After that you’ll need to attend a training session, and then we’ll place you in a school.

What if I have to miss a day? As part of your mentoring responsibilities, we ask that you are there for every session. One of the biggest roles you will play as a mentor is that of a dependable adult that is there for your student. However, we understand that circumstances do arise that can cause you to miss a session and in that case, we can find a substitute mentor.

Ready to enlist? Apply today! Or download our Mentor Handbook for more information.

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