Pilot Programs

Here’s a look at some of our other programming, in various stages of development.


My Life in Pictures

A year long high school filmmaking program that begins with a personal exploration of their past, present, and future and culminates in a short film based on one of their “stories.”  The second half of the program introduces the students to the world of filmmaking and filmmakers.  They will explore different styles and genres in order to define their own cinematic style.  They will also be paired with an established editor and mentor who will help guide and support them in the process.  They will learn how to write, shoot, end edit.  Students will leave the program with a short film based on their life that reflects who they are, where they have been, and where they want to go.

College Chapter Pilot Program

During the 2014-15 school year, YSF will pilot two Script to Stage College Chapters at USC and UCLA. At both schools, two college students are trained by YSF staff as Head Mentors who lead the class sessions.  Our College Head Mentors also help train and recruit ten fellow students to serve as mentors in our program.  Just like in our traditional Script to Stage program, our mentors work one on one with a fifth grade student and help guide them through the process of creating a five page screenplay.  In the 8th session, theatre and performance studies majors at each college bring each student’s written screenplay to life at the BIG SHOW.

Our College Chapter program will help YSF expand our programming while staying true to our grassroots nature.  It also provides a hands-on leadership experience for college students, trains them in new and engaging ways to teach creative writing, and gives them an inside view into how a non-profit organization runs.

The Hillsides Education Center Writer’s Workshop

Students at the Hillsides Education Center for Fostered and Emotionally Disturbed Youth are continuing to work with YSF after the completion of the Script-to-Stage Program in a workshop exploration of different forms of creative writing. At the culmination of sessions, student will read a selection of their work at a public reading at a nearby bookstore, and leave the program with a bound book collection of their work. (Also, read what the Hillsides CEO has to say about our work).