Pilot Programs

Here’s a look at some of our other programming, in various stages of development.



Our first Script-to-Stage program in New York City culminated in a December 2012 Big Show, marking the beginning of an effort to expand our programs to the theater capital of America. The program will continue at PS 111 in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood in New York and grow to include Middle and High School students to form the first NYC Cluster. Stay tuned.


Big Show Teaching Tool

Once the Big Show has been performed in front of the entire 5th grade, our Young Storytellers are becoming classroom leaders. Using their own scripts as models for storytelling and story structure, and with mentor assistance, Script- to-Stage graduates lead their class peers on their own exploration of elements of story, brainstorming, and building their own logline for a story. The program ensures that all students in the grade levels we serve are active audience members, gaining more than just entertainment value from watching a Big Show. Rather, they are using critical analytic skills in parsing stories and evaluating the work of their peers in a constructive setting, while building their own creative work. Plus, Young Storytellers are getting the chance to perform leadership roles in their own classrooms.


The Hillsides Education Center Writer’s Workshop

Students at the Hillsides Education Center for Fostered and Emotionally Disturbed Youth are continuing to work with YSF after the completion of the Script-to-Stage Program in a workshop exploration of different forms of creative writing. At the culmination of sessions, student will read a selection of their work at a public reading at a nearby bookstore, and leave the program with a bound book collection of their work. (Also, read what the Hillsides CEO has to say about our work).