Our Programs

Arts Education is critical to providing a well-rounded education to students of all ages, one where all of their learning faculties are challenged and developed. The arts challenge imagination, give students the opportunity to explore ambiguity and emotion, and introduce critical thinking concepts such as interpretation, connection, engagement and reflection. Yet, in many of our public schools, a lack of funding leaves students without access to the arts.

Our programs augment a growing void in public education by providing sequential, standards-based, in-school arts programming to disadvantaged youth. YSF offers in-school, mentor-based programs in dramatic writing and storytelling to public school students in the greater Los Angeles area, with the majority of our current programs directed at 5th grade at-risk youth. Mentorship is at the core of most of our programs, thus giving the student one-on-one time with an adult who values their ideas, praises their work, and guides them in a creative exploration.

Students at public schools in Los Angeles are being underserved by their educational system. They are not being given access to programs that will help their developmental growth, aid their literacy, help control behavioral issues, and give them the potential to thrive at higher levels of academics. They are at a significant disadvantage.

Though the Young Storytellers Foundation specifically mentors at risk youth in dramatic writing and storytelling, we’re also:

1. Deterring delinquency

2. Increasing Academic Performance

3. Giving students a greater chance of going to, and graduating from, college.

4. Increasing Literacy in ELL students

Our curriculum is aligned to Common Core standards, and includes mentoring, gameplay, and writing prompts, among other learning techniques. Learn more about our individual programs by clicking a link below.