You’re really nailing it. Props.

Make no mistake, when you volunteer you’re nothing less than a hero. If you can commit to a ten-week in class mentorship, great. If you can make yourself available for a one-off, three hour Big Show or Movie Makers film shoot during the week, awesome. If you are able to spend a Saturday on set acting in a P.O.V. short film, rad. If you can do some combination of those? Most excellent.

What really matters is that you’re interested. Let us know and we’ll figure out where we can best plug you in. Welcome to the wonderful world of Young Storytellers!


Want to volunteer as a workplace?

First, awesome! Second, volunteering as an office with Young Storytellers is fun and easy. All you need are ten excited team members. We provide a trained Head Mentor, come to your office to ready your mentors, and connect you with a school in the community in which you work.

Send us a message (via the nifty button below) so we can connect and talk about your future with Young Storytellers!


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Kind of redundant, but hey, we’re pumped someone might want to double volunteer!

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