We’ve been selected as one of more than 200 organizations to join the Philanthropies Arts Innovation and Management (AIM) program, which will help us to strengthen our operational and programming efforts.

Through the two-year initiative, Bloomberg Philanthropies is providing $30 million across 262 small and mid-sized nonprofit cultural organizations around the country to facilitate trainings in fundraising, audience development, and board member engagement.

The invitation-only program supports nonprofit cultural organizations based in six cities: Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Los Angeles and San Francisco. All organizations are locally or internationally recognized nonprofits that have been in existence for at least two years. The grantees are required to participate in a management training program, secure matching funds, and ensure 100% board participation in fundraising.  Maintenance of up-to-date information in the Cultural Data Project, an online financial & data collection platform, is also required, assisting arts organizations across the country to better collect, learn from, and effectively use data. The grants are unrestricted so that recipients can use them to address their greatest needs.

Behind the scenes, small and midsize arts organizations work every day to bring art to cities across the country. With the support of this initiative, we’ll be able to continue advancing local culture, shaping our city’s identity, and building our communities from the ground up through art.

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